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Get Tested During Colon Cancer Awareness Month

Have You Been Tested for Colon Cancer? If Not, Should You Consider It?
March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and in spite of this yearly assignment, many individuals still don’t think about the threats of colon disease. A growth conclusion is constantly terrifying, however in the event that discovered early, colon malignancy is a standout amongst the most treatable diseases out there. With screening and early discovery, colon growth patients can inhale a murmur of help realizing that they have a 90 percent shot of survival, and that number is expanding each year. Be that as it may, if this is valid, why is colon growth the second-driving reason for tumor passing in those matured 50 and more seasoned?

Early Detection Saves Lives!
Colon tumor is a standout amongst the most treatable growths in the U.S. today, yet it remains the second-driving reason for malignancy demise in U.S. grown-ups matured 50 and more established. This is on the grounds that almost 33% of grown-ups are avoiding their prescribed screenings. These screenings are crucial to your wellbeing, as discovering colon malignancy early will altogether build your possibility of survival and recuperation. Indeed, even grown-ups under 50 years old ought to consider this screening on the off chance that they have a family history of colon growth.
It’s essential to focus on your hazard components to evaluate if it’s a smart thought to get tried. Chance elements for colon disease include:
Being more than 50 years old
Having a family history of polyps or colon disease
Having an individual history of disease
Having a condition that causes aggravation of the colon, for example, Crohn’s Disease
Smoking cigarettes
High fat and low fiber eat less
In the event that you relate to any of the hazard figures above, even simply being more than 50 years old, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider your alternatives for colon tumor testing.
Getting Tested at Any Lab Test Waco

Any Lab Test Waco is banding together with Colon Cancer Alliance to help stop colon disease passings for good. Amid Colon Cancer Awareness Month, we encourage those more than 50 years old and those with a family history of colon malignancy to get tried. That is on the grounds that the most ideal approach to beat colon malignancy is to think that its right on time through testing. Testing could spare your life.
To make testing less demanding and more circumspect, Any Lab Test Waco offers the Colorectal Cancer At-Home Screening Test. The test assesses feces tests that are gathered at home and sent into the lab. The lab then figures out whether there is any blood in the stool that may flag colon disease.
Help us beat colon malignancy by assuming responsibility of your wellbeing ! Knowing your hazard components, knowing your family history and chatting with your doctor about the ideal time to be screened is your best, and simplest, device for counteracting colon malignancy.
Contact the specialists at Any Lab Test Waco today to realize what testing choices are ideal for you.
How Might You Help?
Help us raise cash for colon growth examine by hearing our own story and giving to the MICHELLE FIELDS TRIBUTE PAGE. All returns go to the Colon Cancer Alliance.


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