Medical Laboratory



Taking control of your and your family’s health has never been easier. Got your lab test results? WACO, talk to a Doc with our Any Lab Test Waco Telemedicine Services. ANY LAB TEST WACO offers two different telemedicine programs through its partner, Ameridoc:

  1. A Convenient One-Time Diagnostic Consult for only $99.00 or
  2. A Monthly Telemedicine Membership Service, further described below.

What Types of Common Conditions Can Be Treated Through Telemedicine Services?

Common, non-life-threatening conditions include:

Sore throat Allergies
Bronchial issues Rashes
Bacterial infections Fungal infections
Diabetes management Urinary tract
Blood pressure management Pneumonia
Headaches Earaches
Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STDs) And more!

Diagnostic calls are handled by U.S.-based, licensed physicians by telephone, e-mail and video call, depending on state regulations and availability. A quick medical profile will be completed with your first call or set-up of your online account.

According to the Wellness Council of America, up to 70% of doctor office visits can be handled over the telephone. More and more employers and individuals are choosing high-deductible insurance due to cost and changes due to healthcare reform. Expensive urgent care is often taking the place of primary care. ANY LAB TEST WACO offers a complementary alternative to its customers who wish to take control of their health – telemedicine services through our partner, Any Lab Test Waco.

Although ANY LAB TEST WACO® provides thousands of lab testing services, it does not diagnose or treat and customers are referred back to their physician. For those that do not have a primary care physician or want to speak with a doctor quickly, Any Lab Test Waco is a very affordable solution. Any Lab Test Waco is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you are at home, work or traveling. Easy, convenient and affordable.


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