Medical Laboratory

Diabetes Maintenance Panel


Do you have diabetes or would you say you are at hazard for creating it? This month is National Diabetes Month to individuals with diabetes deal with their illness and help those at hazard, avoid, or even turn around it. Try not to maintain a strategic distance from diabetes. Get before it!

Diabetes can build the danger of coronary illness however you can decrease your hazard by observing your wellbeing, picking more beneficial sustenances and getting more fit. Keeping up a solid A1c level and keeping your pulse and cholesterol in line are basic to diminishing genuine wellbeing conditions that frequently run as an inseparable unit with diabetes.

The Diabetes Maintenance Panel is ideal for following your diabetes after some time and incorporates 4 critical diabetes tests: A Hemoglobin A1c test, a Complete Blood Count (CBC), a Glucose Serum test and a Diabetic Urinalysis. You and your specialist can utilize the aftereffects of these tests to alter your solution or eating regimen to avert entanglements of diabetes that incorporate visual deficiency, coronary illness and leg or foot removals. The Lipid Panel will let you know whether your hazard for heart assault and stroke are high so you can make a move today.

Is it true that you are at hazard for sort 2 diabetes? On the off chance that you are overweight or fat, have hypertension or elevated cholesterol, or have a family history of diabetes you might be at a higher hazard for building up the infection. The Metabolic Syndrome Panel will fill you in regarding whether you are pre-diabetic or have Metabolic Syndrome and are making a beeline for sort 2 diabetes.

Get tried now and screen or anticipate diabetes with any of these moderate Diabetes Lab Tests:


• Diabetes Maintenance Panel

• Diabetic Urinalysis (Micro albumin)

• Glucose Blood Test

• Hemoglobin A1C

• Metabolic Syndrome Panel

• Lipid Panel OR VAP Test

Utilize our simple Location Finder to locate your nearest ANY LAB TEST WACO area and get tried!


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